Negligent Security

Many times, criminal assaults are not the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but instead they are the result of inadequate and negligent security practices. Owners of a commercial property, as well as homeowners, are required to provide a safe environment for those who are guests on that property. If they don’t, and someone is assaulted, murdered or even raped, then the victim and their loved ones may be entitled to a settlement.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Jose R. Fernandez, P.A. have represented countless negligent security cases. If you or a loved one was the victim of a violent crime on someone’s property and the owner did not provide property security, you could be compensated for your injuries or losses. According to Florida premises liability law, property owners, landlords, and those responsible for private or public establishments are legally liable for a slip, trip, or falls resulting in serious injury in Miami brought on by improper maintenance, operating conditions, or unsafe standards. While each person is responsible for being aware and conscientious of safety hazards, property owners are also required to ensure the safety of guests by maintaining their premises. The property owner or responsible party may be legally liable to cover any, if not all, medical costs and lost wages.


    Florida Has Negligent Security Laws

    If you are the victim of an assault in the state of Florida, our negligent security attorneys will investigate the case and help determine if the owner did not provide ample security.

    Owners are required to provide adequate security, whether that is proper lighting, physical guards, or even fire systems. If the owner can see an injury occurring because of their lack of security, then he or she must take action to correct it. If they choose not to do so, then they could be found negligent.

    Negligent Security Examples

    Most negligent security cases involve an injury or death to a person due to robbery, assault, or any other acts. These are typically on commercial properties, such as malls, hotels, office buildings, parking garages, or even schools. These assaults can be done with strong-arming (no weapon) or an armed assailant.

    With a negligent security claim, you may be entitled to compensation for:
    • Medical Bills
    • Long-Term Disability
    • Physical, Emotional, And Mental Trauma
    • Time Lost at Work
    • Pain and Suffering
    • Funeral Costs (Wrongful Death)
    • Loss of Companionship (Wrongful Death)
    • Loss of Future Earnings (Wrongful Death)

    In general, business owners are not liable for crimes that occur on their property unless the act was foreseeable. However, property owners do have a duty to implement reasonable security measures designed to prevent or deter crimes. A breach of this duty to provide reasonable security is called negligent security. Common places where negligent security can occur include:

    • ATMs
    • Sports stadiums
    • Elevators or stairwells
    • Shopping malls
    • Apartment buildings
    • Parking lots/garages
    • Office buildings

    If you have been injured by an attack on someone else’s property, contact an attorney with experience in premises liability cases as soon as possible so as not to miss any filing deadlines. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your negligent security claim and help you prepare your case. For an analysis of your case, call the Law Office of Jose R. Fernandez, P.A.

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